A message from Rob Dunlop, President and CEO


Your generous support of Cascade Public Media made a real difference in our community this year.

The Boys of ’36

This American Experience documentary has a strong connection with our region, featuring the story of the University of Washington rowing team that captured gold in the 1936 Olympic Games in Nazi Germany. In addition to hosting community screenings, panel discussions, and other special events, KCTS 9 produced several related stories, digging deeper into the history of the team and its enduring legacy.

Election coverage

Election Coverage

KCTS 9 and Crosscut worked together to provide thoughtful, unbiased, in-depth coverage to our region during the 2016 elections. Our goal was to share information to help our community members make informed decisions about the candidates and issues at the local, regional, state and national levels.

Foster Care: A System in Crisis

This special multimedia production was developed in partnership by KCTS 9, Crosscut, InvestigateWest and independent documentary producer Bryan Tucker. The series helped focus public attention on some of the chronic issues affecting foster youth, foster parents and foster care agencies in Washington State.

The Mister Rogers Sweater Drive and “Be My Neighbor” Day

Young fans of our popular series Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood—more than 975 of them!—came to the KCTS 9 studios to meet their favorite PBS character and donate a sweater, contributing to the 11,000 pounds of clothing we collected during the drive. This kick-off event was a wonderful opportunity for children to develop empathy, practice sharing, and have some fun, too.

Border & Heritage

This KCTS 9 digital series explores immigrant and refugee experiences in the Pacific Northwest. This year, we featured stories about Japanese-American families that were interned during World War II; Latino residents who are breaking barriers in the arts; and local Muslim families coping with the recent wave of hostility toward their faith and culture.


KCTS 9 and Crosscut joined forces with 19 other media organizations and nonprofits for a special day focused on finding solutions to Seattle’s homelessness problem. In addition to producing our own stories, we used social media and the hashtag #SeaHomeless to track the action throughout the day and provide links to reporting from other Seattle-area outlets.

Battle Ready

Battle Ready, a fully interactive digital documentary about the military’s environmental legacy in the Northwest, is a truly new kind of storytelling that allows viewers to interact with the story, choose topics to explore in-depth, and move forward or backward through the media to learn more.


Emmy Awards

Northwest Regional Emmy® Awards

KCTS 9 received 29 Northwest Regional Emmy® Award nominations (including one for Overall Station Excellence), winning in six categories.


Foxie, one of “The Cle Elum Seven” chimpanzee residents of the Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, investigates producer Aileen Imperial’s camera.

A diver shines a light on a juvenile sixgill shark. Sixgills can reach lengths of 16 feet — as long as a pickup truck and as wide as a couch.

Excellence in Journalism Awards

Crosscut and KCTS 9 received 2017 Excellence in Journalism Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists (Western Washington region) in several reporting categories:

All Female Football Team

The women of the Seattle Majestics make huge sacrifices for their sport, full-tackle football (“Seattle’s All-Female Football Team: This Isn’t the Lingerie League”).

All Female Football Team

Reporter Paul Roberts takes a look at the money – and what it’s betting on — in his award-winning story about Seattle’s high-rise apartment boom.

Additional honors

Director/producer Michael Werner’s Wildlife Detectives: Searching for the Mystery Sharks of Seattle received additional recognition, earning both regional and national Edward R. Murrow Awards in the news documentary category. The documentary also won the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival award for Best Wildlife Crime film.

The interactive documentary Battle Ready: The Military’s Environmental Legacy in the Northwest was honored as the 2017 regional Edward R. Murrow Award winner for Excellence in Innovation.



Cascade Public Media expresses sincere gratitude to the many individuals, families, businesses and organizations that invested in our organization between July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.

* These donors have contributed at the Leadership Circle Level for two or more consecutive years.

Major Donors

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Mary Tattershall - In Memory of Mark Wayne Weihanen
Robert L. and Mary Ann T. Wiley Fund*

The John C. and Karyl K. Hughes Foundation*
Microsoft Corporation*

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Nancy Alvord*
Judi Beck and Tom Alberg*
Katharyn Gerlich*
Jon and Susan Hanson*
Mike and Becky Hughes*
Michael Humphries and Judith Ralston*
Lowrance Maruo Charitable Fund*
Stephen and Paula Reynolds*
Stan and Michele Rosen
Willard Salsgiver
Jon Shirley*
Mary Snapp and Spencer Frazer*
The Ticknor Foundation*
Sally West*
Michelle Wilson and Douglas Davis*
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The Robert and Georgia Anderson Charitable Gift Fund*
Chap and Eve Alvord*
Joe and Karyn Barer*
Carl and Renee Behnke*
Mark Boydston*
Jerry Brower*
Ward and Julayne Bushnell
Bonnie and Richard Cavell*
Don and Brenda Chapman*
Heidi Charleson*
David and Nancy Thacher*
Audrey Gangwer
Nicki and John Gates*
Anne Gittinger*
Patricia and David Giuliani*
Elizabeth Heller*
Phyllis Henigson
Lawrence and Mary Hughes*
Dennis and Kathy Hutton
Amy and Ronald Johnson
George and Gloria Kuchenbecker*
Sandra Lambert and Walter Questad*
Marie Legaz Whitley*
Phyllis Lindsey*
Stephen and Dianne Loeb*
John Longres and Jeff Graham*
Elizabeth Martin*
Sacha R. F. McLean
Dennis and Pamela Mullen*
David Niekerk and Elaina Rose*
Allan and Inger Osberg*
Priscilla and John Privat*
Bill and Delia Purdy*
Melody Robidoux and Mick Thompson*
Jeffrey and Wendy Robinson*
Pat Snow*
Louise Tolle*
US Bank Foundation*
John and Marilyn Warner*
Stephen and Shari Welch*
Laurie and Allan Wenzel*
Bryan and Christine White
Harold Wiggers*
Roz Williams*
Virginia Wright
Apex Foundation*
Chris Fraley
Anonymous (8)*
Teri Akin*
Holly Allen*
Jan Anderson*
Betty Azar and Larry Harris*
Martin and Evelyn Babare*
Jim Ballard and Laura Patton-Ballard*
Alec Brindle*
Ellen Carnwath*
Robert and Susan Chamberlain
Martin Chisholm
Martha and Johannes Dankers*
Jim Degel and Jeanne Berwick*
Dee Dickinson*
Robert and Monica Dunlop*
Jim and Sandra Eckstrom*
Donald Estberg and Wai-Ching Estberg*
Dunkle Family Charitable Fund
Raikes Foundation
Ellen Gamrath
Eileen Gilman*
Margaret Haberbush
Lucia and Jeff Hagander*
Carol Hainline and William Schulze*
Barbara Heimann
KT Johnson and Sandy Johnson*
Jill Kirshner*
Daniel LaFond*
Sue Leavitt and William Block*
Colleen Lee*
Myron and Shirley Lindberg*
David and Jean Lomet*
Tom McQuaid*
Frances and Casey Mead*
Robert and Claudia Nelson*
William and Sally Neukom
Dean and Carla Nichols*
David and Linda Pessemier*
Pete Philley and Monica Butler*
Gaye and Jim Pigott*
Mary Pigott*
Jeffrey and Patricia Raikes*
Charles and Doris Ray*
Marjorie and Edward Ringness*
Eric and Margaret Rothchild*
Elizabeth Rudolf*
Jon and Judith Runstad
Michele Sharar
Kathryn Shields*
Karen Sloss*
Douglas Smith and Stephanie Ellis-Smith
Brian and Laurel Smith*
Nepier and Joan Smith*
Cynthia Stroum*
Vijay and Sita Vashee*
Sheila Wyckoff-Dickey and Charles Dickey*
Anonymous ( 25 )*
John Aakre and Cynthia Michael*
Susan Abbott*
Evelyn Ahrens
Norman Ainslie
Denise and Renato Ajeto*
Brian and Sandy Albright*
Jon and Patricia Almquist*
Virginia Anderson*
Phoebe Andrew*
Ollie Andronyk
Jo Ann and Jack Bowman*
Patricia Atkinson*
John and Merritt Atwood*
Dorothy Ayers*
Les Baer*
Jens Bakke
Peter and Jane Barrett*
Ellen Bates
Phyllis and Paul Becker
Melvin Belding and Kate Brostoff
James Beneteau*
Stacie Benton
Carl and JoAnn Bianco
Michael and Mary Bills*
David and Sue Binns
Fraser and Deirdre Black*
John and Maralyn Blume*
Jennifer and John Bolen*
Marie Borgatta
Betty Borman and Steve Marts*
David and Barbara Boss*
Charles Bowen*
Ronald and Verleen Boyer*
Jon and Bobbe Bridge*
Ann Brown
Barbara Brown
Frederick Buckner and Jane Hoyt
Sue and Arthur Buerk
Henry and Cindy Burgess*
Patrick and Mary Callan*
Gary Campbell
Kelly Campbell
Corinne Campbell*
William Carlson and Constance Harrington*
Robin and Roger Carnes*
Cassandra Carothers*
Pat Carter
Tom and Marie Cawrse
Debra Cederbaum
Marjorie Chadsey*
James and Janet Chalupnik*
Cindy and John Charleson
Shirlee Christensen and Arvid Mostad*
Ilse Cirtautas
Scott Claeys
Paula and Bill Clapp*
Dave and Sherri Clark*
James Clark
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Mary Colette Murray
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Whatcom Community Foundation
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Sarah Imbach*
Kathleen Jennings*
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Spencer Johnson and Braiden Rex-Johnson
Theodore Johnson and Linda Johnson*
The Johnston Family Fund*
Fred and Suzanne Johnstone
Reed Jopling and Judy Jopling*
H. Joseph Coleman*
Norman Kaelber*
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Helen Karl and David Munch*
Julie Keeler and Erik Viafore*
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George and Mary Kenny*
Mary and Peter Kerr*
JZ Knight
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Thomas Kraft*
Pamela Kraus and Austin Dahl
John Krawczyk*
Laura and John Kvasnosky*
Colleen Lamb
Robert and Betty Landau*
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Pat and Ken Lawrence*
Linda Lawson and Galen Biery
Randy Lee and Mari Hooten
Sharon Lee*
Eileen Lennon and Barrie Carter*
Leon and Janet Leonard
Janice and Tomarra LeRoy
Plumb, Level & Square Fund*
William and Janet Levy Pauli*
Tom Liebert
Dorothy Lindstrom*
Obrzut Ling Foundation*
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Edmund Littlefield
Jamie Loonam
Lois Lundee
Terry Lundeen*
Bill and Holly Marklyn
Marcia Mason*
Maureen and Keith Mayo
Pamela McCabe*
Ed and Susan McGuire*
Scott and Shelley McIntyre*
Yazmin Mehdi and Liam Lavery*
The Memton Fund Inc.*
Charles and Carol Sue Michel
Stephan and Kim Miller*
Kim Miller
Margaret Mills
Anne Mize*
Barbara Morgridge*
Bill and Judy Moritz*
Susan Morrisson and David Williams
George and Pauline Mulligan*
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Janet Murphy*
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Paula Nemzek*
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Jerry and Faye Niiyama*
Douglas and Nancy Norberg*
Susan Norton
Mae and Larry Numata*
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Daniel and Diane O'Neal
Lynn Ostenson*
Nancy Pallesen
Mary Pat and John Osterhaus*
Sarah Patterson and Chuck Kinsey
Renee and Marc Paulsen
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Ursula Pfeffer*
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Chris Pysden
Dana and Nancy Quitslund
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Elaine Redelfs
Catherine Reed*
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Casey Family Programs
Central Okanagan Foundation
Charles Schwab
Children Count Foundation
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Foundation
City of Seattle
Community Foundation for Southern Arizona
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
Community Foundation of North Central Washington
Dimmer Family Foundation
Donor Trust Inc.
Eaton Charitable Fund
Ehrlich-Donnan Foundation
Employee Community Fund of Boeing
Eucalyptus Accociates
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Give With Liberty
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
GPMCH Foundation
Greater Kansas City Community Foundation
Horizon House
Impact Assets
Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation
Juniper Foundation
Kaelber Private Foundation
King County Employee Giving Program
KPMG Community Giving Campaign
Kroger Stores
Lochland Foundation
Lowrance Maruo Charitable Fund
Lucky Seven Foundation
Manson Red Apple
Martin Family Foundation
Mennonite Foundation of Canada
Milton and Miriam Waldbaum Family Foundation
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Global Impact Funding Trust Inc
National Christian Foundation
National Philanthropic Trust
Network For Good
Northern Trust Bank
Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program
Novartis Charitiable Giving
NWM Private Giving Foundation
Obrzut Ling Foundation
Orcas Island Community Foundation
Paypal Giving Fund
Pledgeling Foundation
Pride Foundation
Raikes Foundation
Raman Family Foundation
Raven Foundation
The Ticknor Foundation
The Ticknor Foundation
The US Charitable Gift Trust
The Williams Foundation
Tinyblue Foundation
Raymond James Global Acct
Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc
Robert E. Boydston & Adele M. Boydston Foundation
Runstad Foundation
San Juan Island Community Foundation
Schwab Charitable Fund
Sea Springs Co.
State of Washington Combined Fund Drive
Swigert-Warren Foundation
T. Rowe Price
Tableau Foundation
TELUS Community Affairs
The Al & Georgia Meier Foundation
United Way of Greater Toronto
United Way of King County
United Way of Snohomish
Vancouver Film Studios
The Berwick Degel Family Foundation
The Block Leavitt Foundation
The Bungie Foundation
The Calgary Foundation
The Christopher Foundation
The David and Patricia Giuliani Family Foundation
The Dr. Lloyd & Kay Chapman Charitable Foundation
The George & Dorothy Babare Family Foundation
The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation
The John Akin and Mary Stevens Family Fund
Vancouver Foundation/The
Vanguard Charitable
Victoria Foundation
VISA Givingstation
The John C. and Karyl K. Hughes Foundation
The Leighty Foundation
The Loeb Family Charitable Foundations
The Memton Fund Inc.
The Mennonite Foundation
The Norberg Family Foundation
The Norcliffe Foundation
The Paul M. Anderson Foundation Charitable Fund
The Robert and Georgia Anderson Charitable Gift Fund
The Royal Little Family Foundation
The Seattle Foundation
The Stroum Family Foudation
Washington Women's Foundation
Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign
Whatcom Community Foundation
Wheeler Family Foundation
Yakima Valley Community Foundation

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If your listing is incorrect, please accept our apologies and call us at 206-443-6768 so that we may correct it for future lists.


Operating Income

     Individual Donations - $12,725,282
     Corporate Support - $3,422,134
     Foundation & Other Non-Profit - $1,951,920
     Federal & CPB Community Service Grant - $1,791,259
     Other Income - $1,462,103
     Local & State Government - $214,761

Total: $21,567,459

Operating Functional Expenses

     Program Services - $10,146,218
     Development, Membership, and Marketing - $5,173,823
     General and Administrative - $2,556,691

Total: $17,876,732
Operating Income Less Operating Expenses $3,690,727
Endowment Contributions $938,245
Depreciation & Amortization ($704,703)
Net Income per Audit $3,924,269

Who We Are

Who We Are

Inspiring a Smarter World

Our mission at Cascade Public Media is to inspire a smarter world, and we express that mission through great storytelling that creates conversations. Cascade Public Media is made up of three organizations that combine the best of trusted, traditional public media with the best tools of the current moment.

Cascade Public Media

KCTS 9 is an award-winning PBS television station serving Washington and British Columbia. We educate and enrich our communities by providing informative, entertaining programs and meaningful outreach, creating public dialogue on local and national issues. We also operate KCTS 9 Yakima, serving Central Washington, as well as a PBS KIDS 24/7 channel that provides educational content for families throughout the state. This year, KCTS 9 garnered approximately 2.1 million viewers each week throughout Washington state and Canada; more than 97,000 active donors made gifts in support of programming on KCTS 9.

Cascade Public Media

Crosscut is a nonprofit news organization that focuses on in-depth, public interest journalism. Crosscut’s foundational belief is that an informed public is essential to finding good solutions to the civic and political challenges of our time. This year, Crosscut published more than 1,000 stories, and approximately 93,000 visitors came to our website each week; more than 1,100 active donors made gifts in support of great journalism on Crosscut.

Cascade Public Media

Spark Public is a digital storytelling showcase and workshop for new public media produced by the coming generation of multimedia journalists. Spark Public stories serve as a catalyst to inform, inspire, entertain and create meaningful connections with community members in the 18- to 34-year-old demographic.


Community Engagement

KCTS 9 hosted more than 20 events in the 2016–2017 fiscal year, covering arts and culture, current affairs, and kids programming, reaching nearly 13,000 community members. Highlights include a cumulative 4,000 people attending our three events around The Boys of ’36; our 20th annual Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Sweater Drive, in which we hosted three events reaching more than 1,000 people and collected a record-breaking 11,109 pounds of clothing; and 900 people attending our 2016 election night party.

Board of Directors

Cascade Public Media Board of Directors

During the time period July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017

Stephen G. Welch, Chair
Michael Humphries, Vice Chair
Stephen B. Loeb, Treasurer
Michelle Wilson, Secretary

Joe Barer
Judi Beck
Matt Chan
Larry Estrada
Mike Hughes
Linda Killinger
Rick Linneweh
Sacha McLean
Sharon Nelson
Carlos Olivares
Geoff Plant
John Schoettler
Mary Snapp
Bonnie Towne
Lynne Varner
Blair Westlake
Glenn Wong

Community Advisory Board

During the time period July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017

Sonny Wong, Chair
Elizabeth Rossi, Vice Chair

Kimberly Bellamy-Thompson
Kathy Cummings
Anne-Marie Dekker
Suzanne Greening
John Warner
Kevin Lim
Rose Longoria
Helen Marieskind
Sue McNab
Elizabeth Morrison
Linda Schactler
Carolina Selby
Stephen Tan
Thank You