Annual Report 2018

This year in pictures

A message of thanks from Rob Dunlop, President & CEO of Cascade Public Media


The Vietnam War

Making Local Connections with the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick Documentary Series

In September of 2017, KCTS 9 broadcast "The Vietnam War", a groundbreaking 10-part, 18-hour documentary film series directed by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick. The series told the epic story of the war as it has never before been told on film, with personal accounts from Americans who fought in the war, those who opposed it, as well as soldiers and civilians from both sides who have lived with the consequences. In conjunction with the landmark television event, KCTS 9 produced its own award-winning series of short films, entitled "Our Vietnam Voices", which featured people from our region who fought or whose lives were deeply affected by the war. In addition, KCTS 9 hosted several community events around the release of the series, including a free outdoor screening and resource fair, as well as screening and panel discussions with producers Ken Burns and Lynn Novick, local historians, authors, veterans and activists.

The Crosscut Festival

In February 2018, our Crosscut team brought together some of the boldest names in politics, business and social justice from across the region – and around the world – for two days of unforgettable conversations at the first annual Crosscut Festival. More then 1200 members of our community came to hear from more than 50 speakers – including Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Former HUD Secretary Julian Castro, Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell – as well as local and national journalists, newsmakers, and activists. Topics ranged from marjuana legalization to police reform, the #MeToo movement, police culture, the role of the tech industry in the region, housing and gentrification, and much more.


Produced by KCTS 9 and PBS Digital Studios, "ReInventors" is a brand-new science series launched this year. Host Katie Herzog introduces viewers to scientists, inventors and tinkerers in the Pacific Northwest who are working to create a more sustainable future by reimagining the basic elements of our everyday lives: where we live, what we eat, the way we get to work, and more. Episodes include "Edible Plastic Is Here, and It Tastes Like...," "Self-Driving Bikes: Seattle's Next Transit Revolution?" and "Meet the Man With a Nuclear Reactor in his Basement."

Mossback's Northwest

"Mossback's Northwest" is another new series that debuted this year on KCTS 9 Digital Studios. In each episode, Knute "Mossback" Berger mines a particular Seattle historical or cultural nugget, providing viewers with the hidden backstory and explaining why it's still relevant today. Episodes include "How the Space Needle Got Its Look," "When the 'American Hitler' Ran for President," and "Washington's New Apple Could Be an Industry Game-Changer."

Borders & Heritage

Los Artistas

"Borders & Heritage" is our ongoing series about the immigrant experience in the Pacific Northwest. This year, we produced "Los Artistas," a collection of stories about four immigrant artists from our region. For these artists, their work is not only a form of social expression but also a proclamation of heritage. In this film, viewers meet visual artist Juan Alonso-Rodriguez; poet Claudia Castro Luna; folk musician Abel Rocha; and dancer and choreographer Alicia Mullikin.

DACA: Perceptions & Realities

"DACA: Perceptions and Realities" was another new film this year in the "Borders & Heritage" series. Focusing on students in Washington's Yakima Valley, the film explores what the immigration policy DACA has meant for young DREAMers, the children of the farmworkers whose skilled labor sustains our state's highest producing farmlands.


6 Regional Emmy Awards

Northwest Emmy® Awards

KCTS 9 received 25 Northwest Regional Emmy® Award nominations, winning six awards.

TransMountain Oil Pipeline

Informational/Instructional – Feature/Segment

"What is the TransMountain Oil Pipeline?"

Graduating At 92

Historic/Cultural – Feature/Segment

"Graduating at 92: One Woman's Journey Through a U.S. Japanese Incarceration Camp"

Plastic In Oysters

Health/Science – Feature/Segment

"How Much Plastic Do You Want in Your Oysters and Clams?"

vinces story

Promotion – Program – Single Spot

"Our Vietnam Voices: Vince's Story"

Someone Like Me

Documentary – Topical – Reel NW

"Someone Like Me"

Cascade Public Media was also awarded with a Citation for Outstanding Community Outreach for "Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Sweater Drive."

Excellence in Journalism Awards

In 2018, Crosscut and KCTS 9 received Excellence in Journalism Awards from the Society of Professional Journalists (Western Washington region) in several reporting categories:

Black Female Theater

Arts & Entertainment, Winner

Black, female and making theater. And she's damn good at it

by Florangela Davila

Mossback Wild West

Column, Winner

"One last 'dark-on-dark' in old Seattle," "Alexa, fix Seattle," and "Mossback in the Wild West: celluloid and a concentration camp"

by Knute Berger

Athlete Protest 90s

Editorial & Commentary, Winner

"I sat in protest with an athlete in the '90s. It's complicated," "The Sonics star who ignited NBA dreams for black youth," and "A $70 barrier to equity at national parks"

by Glenn Nelson

seattlites go to trump country

Government & Polictics Reporting, Winner

"Seattleites go to Trump Country"

by Knute Berger

Why Am I A Threat

Social Issues Reporting, Winner

"Why am I a threat?"

by David Kroman and Lilly Fowler

51 day city council memeber

Photo Essay, Winner

"The 51-day City Council member"

by Matt McKnight

election guide

Digital Innovation, Winner

"Election Guide 2017"

by Joseph Liu, Cambria Roth, Joe Copeland, and Mason Bryan

election guide

Spot News Reporting, Runner Up

"'Patriots' meet massive Seattle backlash after Charlottesville violence"

by David Kroman and Lilly Fowler

election guide

Portrait Photography, Runner Up

"A mournful gong ringing"

by Karen Ducey

Our Donors


Donor Voices

Cascade Public Media expresses our sincere gratitude to the many individuals, foundations, businesses and organizations who invested in our work between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.

*These donors have contributed at the Leadership Circle level for two or more consecutive years.

Major Donors

Anonymous (2)

Nancy D. Alvord*

Microsoft Corporation*

The John C. and Karyl K. Hughes Foundation*

Tom Alberg and Judi Beck*

George and Barbara Brown

Alan Chaffee*

Michelle Wilson and Douglas Davis*

Kathleen Dickinson*

The Ticknor Foundation*

Jon and Mary Shirely Foundation*

Mary Snapp and Spencer Frazer

Lowrance Maruo Chritable Fund*

Ellen Gamrath*

Katharyn Alvord Gerlich*

Jon and Susan Hanson*

Maryanne Tagney and David Jones

Michael and Sharon Kaulakis

Kenneth and Kristin Kiesel

Paula and Stephen Reynolds*

Stan and Michele Rosen*

Willard and MaryAnn Salsgiver*

Lee Rhodes and Peter Seligmann*

Harold Wiggers*

Anonymous (5)

Bob and Clodagh Ash*

Carl and Renee Behnke*

Jerry Brower*

Marjorie B. Chadsey*

Heidi Charleson*

Paula and Bill Clapp*

Llouise Debutts

Douglas Smith and Stephanie Ellis-Smith*

Donald and Wai-Ching Estberg*

Bagley and Virginia Wright Foundation*

Robert E. Boydston & Adele M. Boydston Foundation*

U.S. Bank Foundation*

William Franklin*

The Robert and Georgia Anderon Charitable Gift Fund*

The Melody S. Robidoux Foundation Fund*

Nicki and John Gates*

David and Patricia Giuliani*

John Longres and Jeff Graham*

Lenore Hanauer*

Betty Azar and Larry Harris*

Barbara Heimann*

Elizabeth A. Heller*

Phyllis Henigson*

Leslie Magid Higgins and Pete Higgins

Dennis and Kathy Hutton*

Amy Johnson*

JZ Knight*

Jason Knott

Robert Little*

Jill and Barry McCaffrey

Sharon Nelson*

Allan and Inger Osberg*

John and Priscilla Privat*

William and Delia Purdy*

Sandy Lambert and Walt Questad*

Jeff and Wendy Robinson*

David Niekerk and Elaina Rose*

Elizabeth Rudolf*

Peggy Whyte Ryan

Donald and Sharalyn Stabbert*

Louise Tolle*

Stephen and Shari Welch*

Sally Anne West*

Marie Legaz Whitely*

Roz Williams*

Roger and Donna Wolthuis*

Anonymous (10)

Teri Akin*

Jan McPhee Anderson*

Dorothy Ayers*

Martin Babare and Evelyn Gelegonya Babare*

Carol and Ned Backus

Jane and Peter Barrett*

Thomas Standaert and Corinn Bohn

Ellen Carnwath*

Professor Emeritus Ilse D. Cirtautas*

Robert and Janet Coe

W Brian and Renay Crews

Hans and Martha Dankers*

Dennis and Deborah DeYoung*

Dee Dickinson*

Arthur Deitrich*

Ellen Ferguson*

Kashawna Foster

Chaney Family Foundation

Jeanne E. Berwick and James A. Degel, The Berwick Degel Family Foundation*

Eric and Margaret Rothchild Charitable Fund*

The Monica Butler and Pete Philley Fund*

Genie Gengler*

Meagan M. Foley and Neil M. Gray*

Lyn and Jerry Grinstein*

Mariana Haug

Laura Hershkowitz*

Suzanne Hittman*

Dale and Donna Holpainen

Brian McAndrews and Elise Holschuh*

KT and Sandy Johnson*

Colleen Lee*

Myron and Shirley Lindberg*

Stephen and Dianne Loeb*

David and Jean Lomet*

Jamie Loonam*

Pamela McCabe*

Franny and Casey Mead*

Robert and Claudia Nelson*

Patti and Gene Neuberger*

Bill and Sally Neukom*

Dean and Carla Nichols*

James and Katherine Olson*

Dan and Diane O'Neal*

Miles Otoupal

Gaye and Jim Pigott*

Mary Pigott*

Orville Potter

Foster and Lemoine Radford*

Charles K. and Doris D. Ray*

Ed and Marjorie Ringness*

John and Nancy Rossmeissl*

Jon and Judy Runstad*

Sue Binns Saum*

John F. Schoettler*

Michele Sharar*

Brian and Laurel Smith*

Nepier Smith and Joan Affleck Smith*

Ray and Lael Spencer*

Ambassador Cynthia Stroum*

Mikal and Lynn Thomsen

Vijay and Sita Vashee*

Neal Suggs and Rebecca Ward

Keith and Alayne Whitman*

Anonymous (18)

David and Sheila Aas

Denise and Renato Ajeto*

Mary Stevens and John Akin*

John and Merritt Atwood*

Jens Bakke*

Susan Ballard*

Ellen Ivey Bates*

Gayle Baumgartner

Nikki Behner

Lance W. and Ramona Behnke*

Joyce Bentley

Stacie Benton*

Carl and Joann Bianco*

Fraser and Deridre Black*

Brian Blackman

Jack and Maralyn Blume*

Carrie Bogner

Jennifer and John Bolen*

Charles Bowen*

Ronald and Verleen Boyer

Richard and Stephanie Brooks

Melvin Belding and Kate Brostoff*

Greg and Kim Bruce

Nancy Buck

Frederick Buckner and Jane Hoyt Buckner*

Sue and Artie Buerk*

Margaret Burke

Deborah Larson and Michael Burkett

Gary and Jan Campbell*

Corinne Campbell*

Cassandra Carothers*

Eileen Lennon and Barrie Carter*

Patricia Carter*

Judy Cashmore

Tom and Marie Cawrse*

James and Janet Chalupnik*

Catherine Chapin

Don and Brenda Chapman*

Andre Jane Clay

Tom Clement*

H. Joseph Coleman*

Cheney Cowles

Bill and Teresa Crabtree

Robert and Jane Cremin*

Paula Cuda

Janice Culpepper

Van and Deb Culpepper*

Scott and Jennifer Cunningham

Spencer Curtis

Robyn Daly*

Ellen Wallach and Tom Darden

Joe Davies*

Dr. & Mrs. David Davis

Warren and Elizabeth Edgerton*

Alan and Susan Davis*

Robert Desrosier*

John and Kathleen Dewhirst*

Robert and Monica Dunlop*

Vasiliki Dwyer*

Shirley Dyck

Robert and Elizabeth Edgerton

Susan Eidenschink*

Ruth Ellen Elliot*

Kristina Erickson*

Dale and Sharon Evans*

The Imbach & Nowka Family*

Judy and Dan Filip

Vera Fiorito

Bob and Micki Flowers

Patrick and Darcel Fogerty*

Alyne Fortgang*

Dickinson Family Foundation

The Dimmer Family Foundation*

Don and Melissa Nielsen Family Foundation*

Clement Family Foundation*

GPMCH Foundation*

Janice Freeman

Michael and Dana Freeman*

Carter and Marilyn French

Barbara Fristoe

Faciszewski-Klamon Charitable Fund

Christian and Joyce Zobel Charitable Fund*

The Lazoritz Family Fund*

The Bruce and Donna Templin Charitable Fund*

Pete & Pat Curran Family Fund*

Dave and Sherri Clark Fund*

Wayne Garton*

Patricia and David Gelles

Mike and Sue Gillespie*

Lynda and Cliff Glaspey

Dawn Glinsmann

Margaret and Andrew Gordon

Elaine Gregerson

Lee Grills*

Dorothy and Keith Moore - In Memory of John M. Gunn and Josephine F. Gunn*

Carl Haefling and Pamela Johnson

Jill R. and Gordon C. Hally*

Carl and Nancy Hansen*

Alec Peterson and Greta Hardin*

Melissa Haumerson

Colleen and Larry Hawes

Kelly Hayes*

Judette and Hem Hemachandra

Amy Henry*

William and Joyce Holt*

Mary and Kenneth Hopkins*

Robert H. Huffman

Mike and Becky Hughes*

Thomas and Elizabeth Hyde

Donald and Lisa Immerwahr

Braiden Rex-Johnson and Spencer Johnson*

Steven Johnson - In Memory of my wife Melissa M. Johnson*

Fred and Suzanne Johnstone*

TTodd and Allison Jones

Reed and Judy Jopling*

Karl Kelley and Judy Kelley

George and Mary Kenny*

Kerry and Linda Killinger*

Barbara and Corey King

Sarah Patterson and Chuck Kinsey*

Willis Kleinenbroich

Stephen and Eileen Knoff*

Bradley and Tamara Krall

Linda and Tom Krippaehne

David Warde and Margaret Kuhn*

Laura and John Kvasnosky*

Daniel LaFond*

Colleen Lamb*

Diane and Steve Landry

Lou Lanthier*

Pat and John Lantz*

Fred Herzberg and Jeanne Large*

Peter and Teresa Leggat*

Leon and Janet Leonard*

Janice and Tomarra LeRoy*

Thomas Liebert*

Greg and Corina Linden

Dorothy Lindstrom

Lee Obrzut and Daniel Link*

Rick and Linda Linneweh*

Mike and Lisa Losh

Terry Lundeen*

Betty Mann*

Francisco Martinez

Marcia Mason*

Andrea Mathews

Maureen and Keith Mayo*

Marcia Mellinger and John McAlvay

Richard Szeliski and Lyn McCoy

William and Diana McGaw

Ed and Susan McGuire*

Scott and Shellet McIntyre*

Charlene McKenzie

Helmut and Donna Meisl*

Jeffrey Miller

Margaret Mills*

Susan and Mark Minerich

Kieran Morrill

Rev. Susan Morrisson*

George and Pauline Mulligan*

Dr. Janet Murphy*

John and Nadine Murray*

Julee Neuhart

Diane Nichols

Doug and Nancy Norberg*

Susan Norton*

Mae and Larry Numata*

Lynn Ostenson*

John Pappajohn

Jim Ballard and Laura Patton-Ballard*

Bill and Janet Levy Pauli*

Carl and Jeannette Pergam*

Randal and Donna Peterson*

Ellen and Mike Peterson*

Cynthia and Mark Piennett*

Susan and Bill Potts*

Robert Pretlow*

David and Lindsay Price*

Dorrise Kalbfleisch and Martha Purrier*

John Marsh and Ellie Putnam

Alan Quigley

Michael Humphries and Judith Ralston*

Janice Rapier

Douglas A. Murdock and Elizabeth M. Rappaport*

David and Michelle Reid*

Anne Repass

James and Phebe Richards

Jim and Ardell Riddick*

Tom and Sue Rigos*

Richard and Bonnie Robbins*

Jo Ann and Jim Roberts*

Ty Cramer and Steve Romein

Carol Rose

Ellie and John Roser*

Curtis Wong and Anne Rudden

Sally Thompson and Pete Ruldoff*

Joan and Robert Sample*

Nancy Sanger*

Stephanie and Richard Satter*

Eulalie and Carlo Scandiuzzi

Shirley Schaad

Paul and Terri Schaake*

Lois Schaefer

Jane Schaller*

Frank and Ravannah Schrack*

Wes Schreiber*

William Schultz*

Rebecca Scott*

Omar Shahine*

Mary Sheehan*

Alan and Linda Shue*

Sally Sieber*

John Simmons*

Rose Sires*

Jane Sisk*

Mary and James Sletten*

Louise Sloneker-Maison

Karen Sloss*

Lilyan and Donald Snow

Pat Snow*

Robert Rhodehamel and Dana Snyder*

Ina Spady - In memory of Dick Spady*

Ben and Jeanne Sponsel

Katy Stack

Suzanna Stevens

Michelle Straus*

Patricia Tall-Takacs and Gary Takacs

Theodore and Priscilla Tanase

Maggie Taylor*

Sally Teets

Gail Terrell*

Sandra Thomas*

Patricia Thrall*

Elizabeth Treadgold*

John and Anne Trench*

Lynne Varner*

Joyce and David Veterane*

Barbara and John Vynne*

Todd Stryker and David Walsh*

Jaime and Adam Weber

John R. Stratton and Carolyn Webster-Stratton*

Eleanor Weers

George and Marie Weis*

Blair and Katharine Westlake*

Lisa Wiggins

Michele Wilbur*

Tom and Carol Williams*

Dave Winsor

Glenn Wong*

Jerry and Nancy Worsham*

J. Lawrence Wright

Shirley M. and James R. Wright*

Margo Wright*

Ann P. Wyckogg*

Anne Irene Young

Judith Zemcuznikov

Janet Zinn*

Bradley and Sally Bagshaw*

Steve and Connie Ballmer*

Tom Bayley*

Tom Alberg and Judi Beck*

Jon and Bobbe Bridge*

Alec Brindle*

Katherine Graubard and William Calvin

Barbara Shane and Mike Cox

Dr. & Mrs. David Davis

Maryel Duzan

Douglas Smith and Stephanie Ellis-Smith*

John Ryan and Jody Foster*

Stephanie Solien and Frank Greer*

Steven and Sandra Hill

Liz and Michael Hilton

David Zapolsky and Lynn Hubbard

Mike and Becky Hughes*

Howard Wright and Kate Janeway

Kriss Sjoblom and Wendy Kaiser

Kerry & Linda Killinger Foundation

Gregory Shaw and Anna Mastroianni

Lisa Mennet

Bill and Sally Neukom*

The New Foundation Seattle

Cheri Perazzoli

Judy Pigott*

Janet Levinger and William Poole*

Michael Humphries and Judith Ralston*

Ed and Marjorie Ringness*

Jill and Bill Ruckelshaus*

Ron and Eva Sher*

Chuck Sitkin*

Betsey Cotter and Ken Tarleton*

Gene Carlson and Mimi Thompson*

Linda Brown and Lawrence True*

David Hewitt and Marcia Wagoner

Stephen and Shari Welch*

Mid-Level Donors

Anonymous (5)

Gordon and Carolyn Aamot

Judith Abdel-Monem

Marie Stanislaw and Steve Abel

Sharon and Richard Abrams

Tammy Abuan

James Aguirre

D.J. and Joyce Van Aken

Bruce and Suzette Van Aken

Michael Akerly

Walter and Ruth Albach

Erik Cullen and Laurie Alexander

Gordon Alexander

Jack Alhadeff

Rene Alkoff

Anna Allen

Gail Trotter and Paul Allen

Sarah and Bob Alsdorf

John Anderson

Roger and Mary Anderson

Vurgina Anderson

Jack Anderson

Philip and Judith Andress

Theodore Andrew

Marilee Andrew

James and Deborah Andrews

Kari Annand

Clair Armstrong

Kristine Arnett

B. J. and Richard Arnold

Richard Arthur

Robert Atkinson

Melissa Austin

Sylvia Bailey

Linda Baker

Gary Baker

Stephen Baldock

Patrick and Joann Ballenger

F.C. Bander

Eric Barkan and Gail Bankovich

Patricia Banz

Irene Barker

Lynn Barr

Patricia Barrier

Carla Bartelme

John Bartlett

Ethel Barton

Lee and Carol Bassett

Robert and Birgit Bateman

Ronald E. and Joan Bayley

Glenn and Ruth Beach

Shirley Bean

M. Beatty

Joan and Richard Beck

Michael Becke

Bonnie and Ian Becke

Douglas Beder

Helen Bee

Jeanne and Walter Beerman

Kathleen Pierce-In Memory of Douglas P. Beighle

Maureen and Dennis Bekemeyer

Mark Benjamin

Barbara Bennett

Donald and Maureen Bennett

Julia Bent

Karen and Chris Berg

Kathryn Bergenholtz

Terry Bergeson

Bob and Nancy Betcher

Robert Vernon and Marjorie Bianco

Terry Bible

Judy Bishop

Wayne Bitterman

Richard and Chiok Moi Bodlaender

Martie Bohn

Sharyn Bolton

Donald and Sharon Bond

Paul and Rebekah Bonde

William and Beatrice Booth

Angus Boutall

Becky L. and Tom Boyd

Paul Boyer

Debra and David Boyle

Joann Brackett

Paul and Debbi Brainerd

Robert Brebner

Pat Bressey

Cindy and Dan Brettler

Keith Brintzenhofe

Candi and John Broadfoot

Sylvia Broady

Barbara Broenkow

Mary Ann Brokaw

Laura and Bart Brosten

Barb Brown

David and Jo Anne Brown

Quinn Brown

Jeff Brown

Barbara and Jack Bryce

Dorothy Bullitt

Joseph and Jennifer Burianek

Joyce Butler

Edward and Virginia Buzzell

June Cade

Teena Cadwell

Jan Campbell

Carol Campbell

Sharon and Craig Campbell

Gnanulan Canagaratna

Dr. and Mrs. John E.Z. Caner

Peter and Linda Capell

Janan and Alan Carter

Ross and Julie Case

Terry and Jane Chadsey

Kathryn Chadwick

Ross and Gloria Chambers

Donald and Gwen Chaplin

Janis Chappuis

Audrey and Francis Cheesman

Geraldine Cherry

George Christian

Vernita and Howard Christianson

Grace and Gary Christophersen

Jill Citrin

Jim Civarra

Hugh and Suzanna Clark

Sandra Clarke

Joanna Cleland

Leonard and Else S. Cobb

Peter Colenbrander

Barbara Collins

Danette Connole

Rodney Brown and Catherine Conolly

Bob Conrad

Mike and Kim Convertino

Mark and Christy Cook

Edwin Cook

Cleveland and Marian Cook

Betsy Cooper

Julie and Cliff Cooper

Stephen and Julia Cordz

Judith Corliss

Robert Corson

Robin Costanzo

Leslie and Janet Cox

Winema Coyote

Theodore and Abbie Crane

Victor A. Crawford

Dianne Crawford

Chris Cressman

Patty Cristel

Richard Crooks

Deborah Cullen

Kelly Curtis

Mike Daffron

Stephen and Susanne Daley

Suzanne Dally

Satish Thatte and Vandana Datye

Nicholas and Barbara Davenport

Julian and Dorothy J. Davies

Dolores Davis

John and Patricia Davis

Rebecca A. Zerngast, DDS

Estelle Delson

Yota DeSilva

Telved Devlet

Judy Dewing

Rosemary Dianovich

Deb Prince and Gerard Diercks

Alan Dietz

Desmond Dillon

Nancy Dirksen

Clover and Johnny Dixon

William and Johanna Dock

Patricia Doheny

Ruth Dolsen

Laura Donald

John Van Buskirk and Kitty-Ann Van Doorninck

Lavinia Downs

Wilfred and Suzanne Doyle

Jeanne Dryfoos

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Tom Duffield

Jon Dulude

Barbara Dunn

Sandra Dunn

Barbara Duntley

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Susan Dyer

Gilbert Dyer

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A. and C. Eastwood

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Todd Eklund

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Joanne Ellis

Jacob Engelstein

Kathryn Kerby-Fulton and John Van Engen

Joan Enticknap

Marie and John Erbstoeszer

Tamsin Erickson

Sydney Exton

Mr. and Mrs. Fairchild

Jeannie Falls

The Greco Family

Norris and Alice Faringer

Bif Fink

Joe Finn

Sue Finnigan

Charlie Robin and Al Fischer

Molly Fischer

Sharron and L. Charles Fitzgerald

Donna Fleming

Wallace Ruff and Gretchen Fleming

Kyler Flores

Joe Floyd

Peggy Fogliano

L.S. Green Foley

Alex Fong

Lynn Morgan and Howard Ford

Eileen Forrester

The Donald Family Foundation

The Leighty Foundation

Ken Fowler

Karen Frank

Sally Franzel

Grace and Richard Fraser

Gail and Gerald Fraser

Janett Fretter

Kent Freudenberger

Elizabeth Friedland

Ted and Katie Fullmer

Kalish Family Charitable Fund

Henry Gabryjelski

Carol Gagne

Diane Isonaka and David Galas

Hayete and Damien Gallot

Grant and Laura Gardner

Richard Fleming and Gayle Garman

Hope Garrett

Robert and Ellen Gatton

Kathy and Ed Gayda

Adam and Carol Geballe

Nina Gencoz

Susan George

Nancy George

Robert and Janice Gerth

Allen Gibbs

Virginia Gilder

Steve Gillis

Robert Gilmour

Shannon and Benjamin Girlando

Carolyn Gius

David Glass

Brian Gleason

Charles Goggio

Hellmut Golde

David Tauben and Lynn Goldstein

Nancy and Sandy Goldstien

Margaret Goodacre

Jim and Nacy Goodfellow

Margaret Goodman

Laura Gordon

James and Margaret Gormly

Julia and Bill Gotthold

John and Gabriel Goudy

Charles Gough

R. Allan Gould

C. Jane Graham

Robin Gray

Doug Gregson

Robert and Cynthia Griego

William and Marjorie Griffin

Henrietta Griffith

Dan and Amelia Grinstead

Paul Gruenwald

Kyle Gupton

Jordan Guy

Kathryn Guykema

Sammie Haechler

Richard and Diane Haelsig

Kristi Hafner

Jon Hahn

Kirsty Haining

Thomas and Pamela Hall

J. Steven Rogers and Shelly Hall

Rena Hamburger

Richard Hammett

Joseph and Kathryn Hammond

Barbara Hampson

Linda Harding

Randakk abd Jane Hardy

Larry Harle

Richard Meyer and Susan Harmon

Robert and Patricia Harper

Ann and Kevin Harrang

Mary Beth Hasselquist

Marcia Hastings

Ann Blakeslee and John Hatch

Neil and Ann Hawkins

Liselotte Haynes

Brett Hayward

John and Cheryl Heady

James and Barbara Heavey

Grant and Jody Heiken

Marilyn Helbig

Margaret Hellyer

Maxine and Peter Henning

Jon and Janet Herrington

Martina Hiemstra

Kathleen Higley

Agnes Hildebrand

Steven and Sandra Hill

Caryl Hinckley

Evy McElmeel and J. V. Hirschmann

John and Kathryn Hirsh

Virginia Hislop

Alex and Klari Hixenbaugh

Peter Hobbins

Kathleen Hodge

Patricia Hodgson

William Van Hoesen

Laura Hoffman

Janet Hogan

Tom and Carol Hogan

Pat Holmes

Mark Homeyer

William and Katherine Hood

Ronald and Paula Hopper

William and Marlene Horton

Ian Housego

Muriel Van Housen

Randy and Gwen Houser

Robert Huet

Amy Huggins

Margaret Hunnicutt

Cheryl Hunt

Olympic Ridge Inc.

Zachary Isbach

Donna and Gary Iverson

Katrin Jaenicke

Jack and Nancy Jefferson

Barbara and Richard Jepson

Jill Johns

Richard and Joan Johnson

Candice Johnson

Donald and Dona Johnson

Douglas Johnson

William and Maria Jones

Krijn de Jonge

John and Cathryn Jordan

Lynn Jorgensen

Jeremy Joseph

Gerald Wilson, Jr.

Jeannette Kahlenberg

Gunter Kaldschmidt

Paul Kaltinick

David and Louise Kankel

Carole Kant

Harold Kaplan

Nancy and Michael Kappelman

Mike Karchewski

Richard Kauffman

Shannon Kavanaugh

Travis and Suzanne Keeler

Susan Eggers and Timothy Keller

Helena Kelment

Calvin and Jacqualine Kendall

Richard and June Kennedy

Lawrence and Leigh Kennedy

Nora Kenny

Susan Kernes

Robert and Lisa Kerslake

Reiley and Deborah Kidd

Claudia Kieszling

Joan Kim

Karol King

Janis Kinney

Lyla Kirchheim

John Vice and Nancy Kirkner

Gale Kirsopp

Barbara Kiteley

James and Lucy Kittrick

Sandra Klipper

Douglas and Lynn Kloke

Kristen Knox

Alice Koch

George M. Kohn

Kikue Kono

Dan and Emily Kozie

Michael Repko and Gail Kramer

Paul and Carolyn Kriegel

Sandra Krisopp

Meghan Kroll

Curtis and Alexandra Kruse

Marilyn Kulper

Allen Kumpula

Hy Kurfirst

Roger Kuula

Linda Kuula

Clara K. Ladd

Rob Ladely

Pablo and Kris Lambinicio

Robert Mast and Marilyn Lamont

Ann De Lancey

Joyce Lang

Renee Lang

Galye Larse

Cindy Larson

Jim Larson

Ruth Pickering and Linda Lasure

Christopher Alida Latham

Joy Lauderbaugh

Cathy Baldwin and Phil Lausier

Terry Lavender

Mary and Chris Lawrence

Andrew Coveler and Elizabeth Leber

Philippe LeDorze

Bernadette and Claude Lee

Mark Busto and Maureen T. Lee

Chung Lee

Gerald and Mary Lellouche

Judith Lewis

Jeff Lewis

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Jake and Hilda Loewen

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Craig and Caroline Lokkins

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SAP Software Solutions

Satori Software

Shell Oil Company Foundation

Starbucks Matching Gifts Program

State Farm Companies Foundation

Symetra Gives

Tableau Foundation

The Coca-Cola Foundation

The Peach Foundation

The Williams Foundation

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans


United Technologies


US Bank Foundation

Valet Mobile LLC

Verizon Foundation

VISA Givingstation

VMWare Foundation

Washington Dental Service / Delta Dental

William H Gates III Carillon Point

Trust & Workplace Giving

Advisors Charitable Gift Fund

Aldarra Foundation

Allstate Giving Campaign

Amazon Smile Foundation

American Endowment Foundation

American Enterprise Investment Services Inc

American Funds

Ameriprise Financial

AssetMark Trust Company

Bagley and Virginia Wright Foundation

Bainbridge Community Foundation

Battelle Always Giving

Bishop Fleet Foundation

Blue Mountain Community Foundation

Bobby's Fund Foundation

Brettler Family Foundation

Bright Funds Foundation

Casey Family Programs

Cetera Investment Service LLC

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab Charitable Fund

City of Seattle

Coie Perkins

Community Foundation for Southern Arizona

>Community Foundation of Greater Memphis

>Community Foundation of North Central Washington

>Community Foundation of Snohomish County

Delaware Community Foundation

Dimmer Family Foundation

Edward Jones

Ehrlich-Donnan Foundation

Employee Community Fund of Boeing

Eucalyptus Associates

Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund

Give Back Foundation

Give With Liberty

Glaser Progress Foundation

Goldman Sachs Philanthrophy Fund

GPMCH Foundation

Greater Kansas City Community Foundation

HD Vest Financial Services

Helen Karl Charitable Lead Trust

Henry Jackson Foundation

Impact Assets

Intentional Futures

J.P. Morgan Chase - Pass-through

Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta

Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle

Jon and Mary Shirley Foundation

Kaelber Private Foundation

King County Employee Giving Program

KPMG Community Giving Campaign

Kroger Stores

Lawrence True and Linda Brown Foundation

Lenore Hanauer Foundation

Lowrance Maruo Charitable Fund

LPL Financial

Lucky Seven Foundation

Milton and Miriam Waldbaum Family Foundation

MMS Giving Foundation

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley/Smith Barney Global Impact Funding

Municipal League Foundation

National Christian Foundation

National Financial Services LLC

National Philanthropic Trust

Network for Good

Northern Trust Charitable Giving Program

Obrzut Ling Foundation

Oppenheimer & Co

Orcas Island Community Foundation

Peg & Rick Young Foundation

Pershing LLC

Pride Foundation

Raikes Foundation

Raman Family Foundation

Raven Foundation

RBC Wealth Management

Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc

Robert E. Boydston & Adele M. Boydston Foundation

Robert W. Baird & Co.

Runstad Foundation

Seattle-Sonoran Foundation

State of Washington Combined Fund Drive

Stephen & Dianne Loeb Foundation

Suncoast West Foundation

Susan Lynn Ehlers Charitable Fund

Swigert-Warren Foundation

T. Rowe Price

TD Ameritrade Clearing

The American Foundation

The Ash Family Foundation

The B.B. Gift Fund

The Berwick Degel Family Foundation

The Block Leavitt Foundation

The Brainerd Foundation

The David and Patricia Giuliani Family Foundation

The Donald Family Foundation

The Dr. Lloyd & Kay Chapman Charitable Foundation

The Ellis Foundation

The George & Dorothy Babare Family Foundation

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation

The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation

The John Akin and Mary Stevens Family Fund

The John C. and Karyl K. Hughes Foundation

The Kuntz Foundation

The Leighty Foundation

The Memton Fund Inc

The Mennonite Foundation

The New Foundation Seattle

The Norberg Family Foundation

The Norcliffe Foundation

The Paul M. Anderson Foundation Charitable Fund

The Robert and Georgia Anderson Charitable Gift Fund

The Royal Little Family Foundation

The Seattle Foundation

The Stroum Family Foundation

The Ticknor Foundation

San Juan Island Community Foundation

Schwab Charitable Fund

Seattle Jewish Community Endowment Fund

The US Charitable Gift Trust

The Williams Foundation

TIAA Charitable



United Way of King County

United Way of Snohomish

Vancity Community Foundation


Vanguard Charitable

Victoria Foundation

Vijay and Sita Vashee Foundation

Wells Fargo Advisors LLC

Wells Fargo Community Support Campaign

Whatcom Community Foundation


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Operating Income

Total: 21,701,693

Operating Functional Expenses

Total: 18,530,181

Net Income

Operating Income Less Operating Expenses $3,171,512
Endowment Contributions $1,302,263
Depreciation and Amortization ($826,319)
Net Income Per Audit $3,647,456

Who We Are

Who We Are

Our mission at Cascade Public Media is to inspire a smarter world, and we express that mission through great storytelling that creates conversations. Cascade Public Media is made up of two organizations that combine the best of trusted, traditional public media with the best tools of the current moment.

KCTS 9 is an award-winning PBS television station serving Washington and British Columbia. We educate and enrich our communities by proving informative, entertaining programs and meaningful outreach, creating public dialogue on local and national issues. We also operate KCTS 9 Yakima, serving Central Washington, as well as a PBS KIDS 24/7 channel that provides educational content for families throughout the state. This year, KCTS 9 garnered approximately 2.1 million viewers each week throughout Washington state and Canada; more than 97,000 active donors made gifts in support of programming on KCTS 9.

Crosscut is a nonprofit news organization that focuses on in-depth, public interest journalism. Crosscut's foundational belief is that an informed public is essential to finding good solutions to the civic and political challenges of our time. This year, Crosscut published more than 1,000 stories, and approximately 93,000 visitors came to our website each week; more than 1,100 active donors made gifts in support of great journalism on Crosscut.

Community Engagement

KCTS 9 hosted 15 events in the 2017-2018 fiscal year, covering history, arts and culture, current affairs, and kids’ programming, reaching nearly 8,300 community members. Highlights include a cumulative 2,400 people attending three events around “The Vietnam War,” the landmark series by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick; a KCTS 9 Kids Day at the Mariners, a day of sun and fun at the ballpark, where our youngest fans and their families – more than 550 in total – were able to meet Daniel Tiger; our first annual Crosscut Festival, a gathering of more than 1,200 newsmakers and community members to discuss some of the most challenging issues of our time; and “The Future of DACA,” a community conversation with Attorney General Bob Ferguson at the Yakima Valley Museum, hosted by our own Enrique Cerna.

"The Vietnam War": Screening and Panel Discussion

Seattle | July 28, 2017

In conjunction with the release of Ken Burns' new series "The Vietnam War", we hosted a screening and panel discussion at the Moore Theater featurning Burns, co-director Lynn Novick and local author and veteran Karl Marlantes. More than 1600 community members attended.

Yakima | September 14, 2017

This free community screening and preview of "The Vietnam War" was held at the Yakima Valley Museum. The event included a panel discussion, hosted by Enrique Cerna, which featured local veterans and historians. More than 230 community members attended.

Karl Marlantes, Lynn Novick, and Ken Burns

"The Vietnam War": Outdoor Screening

Seattle | August 24, 2017

In August of 2017 we hosted a free outdoor screening of a preview of "The Vietnam War" at the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheatre. This event also featured a community resource fair and performance by the Joint Base Lewis McChord band. More than 560 community members attended.

Outdoor Screening

KCTS 9 Kids Day at the Mariners

Seattle | August 16, 2017

Daniel Tiger and Katerina Kittycat came to Safeco Field for a day of fun, sun and baseball with KCTS 9 viewers and Seattle Mariners fans! More than 550 community members attended.

Daniel Tiger, Katerina Kittycat, and Mariner Moose

The Crosscut Festival

Seattle | February 3-4, 2018

The first annual Crosscut Festival took place on the Seattle University campus in February. The two-day Festival featured more than 80 speakers in four tracks, and included a sold-out Governors panel featuring Governor Jay Inslee (WA) and Governor Kate Brown (OR). More than 1200 community members participated.

Governor Jay Inslee

The Future of DACA: A Conversion with Attorney General Bob Ferguson

Yakima | May 21, 2018

KCTS 9 brought Attorney General Bob Ferguson to the Yakima Valley Museum for a conversation with Enrique Cerna about the future of DACA and its effect on the farm workers' children who live in the Yakima Valley. More than 200 community members attended.

Attorney Bob Ferguson

About Us

Cascade Public Media Board of Directors

July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.

Cascade Public Media is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors – we are grateful for the time and talents they share with our organization.

Name Office Affiliation
Mike Humphries Chair President, Waldron
Mike HughesTreasurerRetired, Executive VP, Liberty Mutual
Sharon NelsonSecretaryDirector, Itron
Steve WelchImmediate Past ChairFormer CEO, Todd Shipyards
Barbara BennettCommunity Volunteer
Larry EstradaVice President, Goldman Sachs & Co.
Linda KillingerOlympic Consulting Partners, LLC
Rick LinnewehRetired, President & CEO, Memorial Family Services
Sacha R.F. McLeanPresident & CEO, McLean Ventures Ltd.
John SchoettlerDirector, Amazon, Global Real Estate & Facilities
Michael SchutzlerCEO, Washington Technology Industry Association
Bonnie TownePhilanthropist & Community Volunteer
Lynne VarnerAssociate VP, Advancement Relations & Communications Strategies, Washington State University
Michelle WilsonDirector, Zendesk, Inc.
Glenn WongPrincipal, Catalyst Solutions, Ltd.

Community Advisory Board

July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.

Suzanne Greening

Beth Morrison

Sony Wong

Kathy Cummings

Anne-Marie Dekker

Helen Marieskind

Carolina Selby

Kevin Lim

Sue McNab

Elizabeth Rossi

Linda Schactler

Stephen Tan

Kimberly Bellamy-Thompson

Rose Longoria

Charlie Robin

Ben Lu

Candice Gibson

Zaki Hamid

Our Staff

Cascade Public Media employs nearly 100 individuals who are dedicated to bringing you the important stories from your community both online and on television. Our goal is to tell stories that educate and inform, as well as entertain.